Cronus Cyber Security

Cronus is a unique product for Cyber Security – the first integrated automated solution

It automates Pen Testing, Vulnerability Management and ensures critical Business Processes are monitored and protected.

  • Pen test 1 million attack paths continuously monitored 24 x7 – a unique benefit of Cronus
  • All your systems and networks are covered.. you save on expensive external Pen Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanners cannot run in real time and must be scheduled to work to avoid crashing your system or network – Cronus closes this gap for you
  • Global Attack path – Shows you what to fix where to fix and how to fix the vulnerabilities that matter
  • No need to close your entire network to effect a fix
  • Works in the cloud and any Network environment either on site or as a managed service
  • Cybot will not flood a network or make it slow down due to our patented technology with a very low footprint on the network (around 7%) required of the network band width because it is Whitebox solution

We offer a POC . It is a useful exercise as it may uncover potential embedded unknown vulnerabilities with in Hassan’s infrastructure