Shield X

Growth in Cloud Deployment
We recognise that many organisations are now looking to leverage cloud infrastructures for agility, flexibility and cost-savings benefits, but while the technologies required to support cloud deployments have advanced quickly, security technologies for the cloud have lagged behind.
Increased Security Threat
Protecting your existing IT systems and your new digital environments has to date been a costly exercise and has forced tradeoffs of price against performance and risk. We believe cloud security requires new processes and controls that work across a multitude of environments.
Digital Security Innovation
Gartner “Cool Vendor” “ShieldX explodes into market with the most powerful security innovation in the history of cloud computing”
ShieldX APEIRO is unique in its approach to Next Generation Cyber Security, and in the way it addresses these issues.  It has only just come out of Stealth Mode already winning awards including Gartner Cool Vendor. ShieldX have been working in Europe and proofs of concepts have been carried out in Europe and a leading UK provider in the leisure industry is now a customer and a reference site.
APEIRO is a complete rebuild of traditional, network-based security. APEIRO’s platform is true Software-Defined Security, built on a containerised, microservices-based architecture.
Micro-segmentation is an infrastructure-agnostic technology that is garnering attention in the cloud security world.
ShieldX have deconstructed the components of the monolithic, appliance based solutions that have served us well in the past, into their component microservices, and packaged them natively within individual containers. ShieldX APEIRO automates the process of protecting the “Old IT world” as well as the new Digital World, protecting your data and adding scalability without impacting performance.