Cyber Security

servicesCyberSecurityWe teach you how to best handle a Cyber crime, minimising financial & data losses, reputation and corporate credibility.  We also help create a strong perimeter of defence internally and externally within your organisaiton.   

Through a series of training courses, continuous managed services, toolsets and hands on advice, we give you the knowledge you need to help combat Cyber Crime, to better manage attacks and to know how to quickly respond to digital crime scenarios. 

In addition to our securityKepp your network safe consulting and training courses, we offer a number of services including a continuous support & advice service to help keep your environment secure and safe. Additionally we offer a number of product sets to assist in securing the infrastructure.  We even offer advice on insurance policies to cover the risk of loss as a result of Cyber Crime and potentially penalties through non-compliance.

We also offer a comprehensive number of services including monitoring and management of your internal and external systems against Cyber threats and attacks.

Our proven track record and expertise ensures, your organisation receives the most current ways to protect about the advanced threats, being deployed by Cyber criminals.

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