Flash Storage – Tegile

Tegile Systems can provide new flash storage and hybrid storage solutions which provide capacity with many other features having performance at the centre.

  • Up to ten times the performance.
  • Reduction of data duplication by up to 90%
  • Cost reductions of between 10% and 50%

for a configuration of virtual servers, visrtual desk tops or databases.

Tegile meets the enterprise needs by:

  • faster I/O
  • scalability
  • resillience
  • ease of use
  • economy in the I/O and price per GB.

With the ability to dial up or down the amount of flash storage capacity and accelerate an application in real time,  you can have the advantage of flash with a portion of disc storage on the back end.   this is a proactive rather than a  reactive approach by using both a hybrid and  flash solution.

Tegile’s hybrid storage arrays are fully optimised for virtualization, file storage and database dependent applications.  This hybrid storage approach provides significantly faster performance than pure hard disk solutions and is significantly less expensive than alternative configurations comprising exclusively solid-state arrays.

NAS and SAN configuration are available.  They are scalable to meet the needs of any company or organisation and are quickly reconfigured.

Built in data de-duplication and compression yield a high usable capacity which can significantly exceed raw capacity.

Contact Brook Consulting Services without obligaion for further information or to arrange a discussion with a Tegile engineer who will be able to advise on individual specific requirements.