Certificate Management

Digital certificates play an important role in securing various types of
a businesses data and processes. Our Securley solution provides
companies with uncomplicated certificate management. You can easily
discover and manage the certificates you have. In addition this solution
provides alerts, reporting tools and an policy based automatic renewal
all wrapped up in one easy guide.

In conclusion this assists enterprises in minimising the security risks
associated with expired, invalid or fraudulent digital certificates.

Key features & Benefits

  • WS interface for life cycle management
  • Remote agent collecting internal certificates from other forestst
  • Collects MS-CA certificatest
  • Supports all MS-CA versionst
  • Finds certificates in MS local machine storest
  • Automatically renews MS-CA certificatest
  • Issues certificates by template or CSRt
  • Renews certificates with all the original parameterst
  • Supports all CAs and platformst
  • Imports certificates from filest
  • Sends email alerts (notifications) and writes event logst
  • Performs online queries about certificate statust
  • Generates various CSV reportst
  • Allows PKI health monitoring with graphical presentationt
  • Displays policy exceptions such as key lengtht
  • Presents security policy compliance summary and certificate categoriest
  • Revokes certificatest
  • Provides a migration tool from SHA1 to SHA2t
  • Scans and collects SSL certificatest
  • Remote agents collect certificates from remote networkst