Cyber Defence

Cyber Intelligence

It is well known Cyber-attacks are growing each year. Due to recent
changes in legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulations
(GDPR) companies have had to take a hard look at how they are secured,
and if they are at risk.

Hence the need for more sophisticated cyber defence systems. That’s
where we come in, we can support your cyber defence needs with the
following services:

  • GDPR Toolkit
  • Cyber security consultants
  • Cutting edge technologies and a extensive array of tools
  • Investigation and report networks and infrastructure
  • A full suite of cyber defense service
  • Training and qualifications

Cyber Security Experts

With experience from a wide range of areas including military,
government, healthcare and commercial organisations.

Using our proven multi-layered security method for cyber defence we
focus on threat deterrence, detection and response.

We utialise a broad range of services and solutions gathered from
collaborations with information security specialists, this provides a
unique view of an attackers approach.

Cyber Forensics and Response Team

It is important that your Cyber security solutions provide the ability
to identify, contain and neutralise cyber-threats. Our solutions not
only achieve this they also provide the additional ability to analyse
and investigate a specific mobile, network or PC event or incident.

With a 24/7 response team we can meet your specific operational needs.
In addition our experts will provide a Layer 2 solution with
professional capabilities to best respond, block, contain, remedy and
manage a cyber-security incident.

Training and Qualifications

The correct training and development of your team is essential for
guaranteeing workers are aware of risks within cyber security. We
provide seminars and workshops which benefit private and public
companies alike. Furthermore training can be provided to all management
and technological levels, all of which are custom made for our client’s
specific requirements

Our proven track record in building and training cyber units and teams,
provides us with a unique experience of end to end training of various
levels. We also have vast experience in maintaining a ongoing
qualification process for cyber related skills and abilities.

We also provide Predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) solutions which
imitate human hacker operating practices discovering, predicting,
analysing, and mitigating the risks of sophisticated cyber-attacks in

Therefore by deploying such technology enterprises can accurately
evaluate your resiliency against cyber threats.

This will proactively adjust your security protection strategies to
mitigate the risks. Finally when this solution is deployed in global
multi-site enterprises information can be shared across sites to depict
global attack path scenarios.