Protecting Your Mail From Threats

Protecting email is integral to any business. With this in mind our
security software Cybonet provides you with a comprehensive cloud based
solution. This blocks 99.7% of spam and virus threats protecting inbound
and outbound mail.

We also offer email encryption on outbound email, which can be tailored
to the needs of your company. Other solutions include big data transfer,
allowing clients to securely share data which is password protected.

Additionally we supply email archiving providing you with an alternative
data storage solution which has powerful search and rapid retrieval.

A cost-effective, comprehensive email filtering solution available as an

Email continuity service enabling you to use or provide email solutions
to your clients. This solution incorporates self-managed tools into
email transportation, with high standard filters on all incoming mail
and unlimited mail relay all controlled with user-friendly management

An email filtering hosted on our UK based platform, available with our
Hosted Exchange solution or standalone.

Raising your employees’ security awareness, by creating and executing
simulated phishing campaigns,

Finding weak links in your organisation, and building tailored training
programs that improve and reinforce your employees’ behaviour.

Advanced, real-time capabilities that empower your trained employees to
detect and prevent true phishing attacks.